Skin deep…

Beauty may only be skin deep but, that said, I like to have nice skin.  It makes more feel confident and attractive and I think that, when treated properly, it can be one of my best physical features.  I recently have decided to really invest both the time and money in making sure that I’m doing all I can to preserve my skin.  Here are some of the changes I’ve made that have made a difference:

  1. Water Intake-This one is super basic but, yeah, it helps…a LOT.  I notice dramatic changes from a day when I’m barely gotten through one bottle of water to a day when I am chugging non-stop.  I can’t tell you why but I’m extremely partial to Smartwater.  I legit think it tastes better and its vapor distilled which is supposed to be good for you.
  2. Routine-I used to have a very loosy goosy routine that was constantly changing and being neglected.  I decided to create some structure and am sure to adhere to it both AM and PM.
    • Morning: I start with a basic gel cleanser by Honest Beauty that I really like. Next, I use a toner by Aveda that I am not in love with so all ears for other suggestions.  Third, I apply a spot treatment by Burt’s Bees (a little roll-on stick) to any blemishes.  Fourth is eye cream and a hydrating moisturizer both by Honest Beauty.  Last, I use a BB Cream by Dr. Jart’s that is pricey but well worth it because it renders your pores invisible.  The cream is literally called Dis-A-Pore.
    • Evening: I use an oil cleanser by Burt’s Bees that I really love.  I used to not cleanse twice a day b/c I thought it dried out my skin but this oil cleanser is the perfect solution.  Next, I use a nice hydrating serum by Elizabeth Grady.  Third step is my Honest eye cream and then a very heavy duty moisturizer by Elizabeth Grady.  I know I should be including the full names of each product but I’m at work and my blanking-blog faux paus #1.
  3. Hydrafacials: After hearing lots of positive feedback regarding these 30 minute, intensive facials, I decided to check it out for myself and I’m hooked.  Hydrafacials use a machine with a fancy little wand to heighten the effects of a “normal” facial and deliver cleanser, serum and moisture directly into the deeper layers of your skin.  The little wand also performs painless extractions which was my favorite part.  After the treatment, my pores were noticeably cleaned out and smaller in size and you could even see all of the junk that had been removed and it was kind of fascinating and horrifying.  I’ve gone back and forth many times with getting botox/fillers but I think that, for now, I’m going to stick to a regimen of monthly hydrafacials and see what sort of natural results I can get.

x, MAY

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