Hypnosis-Help or Hype (Part II)

As I was saying….

I went to my initial VGB session last Friday.  It lasted about an hour and forty five minutes.  At first, we went over any of my lingering questions and addressed the details of the process i.e. how much weight I could expect to lose (5-9 lbs in the first week and 1-3 lbs per week afterwards), what commitments I would have to make in order to help the mental work I’m doing take root and make the greatest physical impact (massive water intake, mindful eating of 3 small meals per day, 2-3 daily add-on sessions with the MP3 recording I’d be sent, 30 minutes of daily activity).  I signed my name in blood (jkjk) and off we were off.

I sat back in a comfy recliner and listened to my hypnotist talk to me about relaxation. He spoke for a long time and I could feel my entire body loosening and my mind began to drift off into that ‘nearly sleeping’ space.  He then took me through a detailed visualization of going to the hospital to get a gastric band surgery.  He didn’t dictate the nitty-gritty, gory details of the surgery like a professor of medicine but focused on positive feelings, impressions and images that made me feel like I was going to the hospital for something sort of fun and healthy.  I was on a gurney going to the operating room, I was very relaxed in the operating room surrounding by well-trained professionals, happy to help me, my procedure was going swimmingly and then it was done and the room was elated and congratulatory.

To be honest with you, I barely remember what he spoke about about once the ‘surgery’ was completed other than right before I ‘woke’ he told me that I was walking down a street window-shopping and spotted a poised, fashionable and fit woman shopping inside a boutique.  I looked very closely at her and she exuded confidence and happiness and health…and that person was ME.  I could see it so clearly in my head and I felt myself grinning.  And that was that.  He slowly brought me out of the relaxed state I’d been in and sent me on my way with my marching orders and an appointment for the following week.

Its been 5 full days since the VGB and this is what I can report to you:

  1. I have not exceeded more then 1,200 calories per day since the VGB–just no desire to eat any more than that.
  2. Everything that I have eaten for my 3 small meals has been clean and healthy foods (I’ll share a food journal at some pt).
  3. I fill up very easily BUT I do get hungry between meals and it IS an effort to resist until my next meal but not anywhere near as much of an effort as it used to be.
  4. I have not yet been able to motivate to get into the gym.  I plan to ask that we tackle that more extensively in our next session.
  5. I have lost weight daily and am currently down 5lbs, 5 days in.

Fingers crossed that this all continues and, of course, I’ll keep you posted and share the goings-on at this Fridays follow up appointment.


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