Starting anew..

Weelllll….after 7 years of marriage and one beautiful little girl, I am single once more.  I have ended a tumultuous, heart-wrenching and, often, toxic relationship and I am ready to start fresh and become the best version of myself.  This is my real story.  The real deal.  Some of it will be fun to observe and some, not so much.  I wanted to come here and share this tale in an effort to make other women and men in similar situations feel that there are kindred spirits out there and that there is endless possibility for life after the end of a marriage, relationship, partnership, etc.  There is health to preserve, there is fun to be had, there are new relationships to be forged and, in my case, there is co-parenting to do.

I plan to offer my insights as to the divorce process and “lessons learned”, I want to offer you the benefit of my extensive trial and error in how to manage the process gracefully and intelligently while acknowledging some massive failures and mis-steps.

I’m also SO excited to focus on the future!!!

I just turned 38 and that milestone, along with the culmination of my divorce process, have inspired me to create and pursue three goals for myself: 1. wellness-mental and physical; 2. happiness-DUH; and 3. security-for my daughter and myself in every way possible.

These are three big goals that each cover a lot of ground and I need to start somewhere so I’ve decided to first tackle: WELLNESS and, specifically, re-inventing my shape and size.  In other words, finding my ideal weight.  I have already taken steps in the right direction and can’t wait to share with you my slightly controversial first leap.

Stay tuned!!


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