Hypnosis-Hype or Help?

Well, friends…this may sound cray but, hear me out. After cycling through more fad diets and wellness trends than Oprah I decided, with the help of a very svelte guinea pig, to try and change my mind in order to change my body.  In short, I decided to invest in hypnosis for weight loss.

Let me give you a little context…prior to being married I was in great shape (I realize that the concept of ‘great shape’ is relative so, to me, this meant working out 5-6 days/week, completing a half marathon and having a healthy, doctor-approved BMI) and was a very disciplined and clean eater.  I have ALWAYS loved food and spent lots of time thinking about what to eat and what not to eat throughout each day but, in my mid-late twenties, I seemed to find a the oft-elusive balance of being able to eat in a clean but moderately indulgent manner while maintaining a healthy weight and a shape that I was proud of.

What happened?  Stress, anxiety and emotional eating got the best of me.  I would love to blame my relationship/marriage and, frankly, that WAS a part of it but I can’t realistically blame anyone but myself for the loss of my ability to self-regulate.  The weight came on slowly at first while I hung on to the vestiges of my fitness regimen and then very quickly once I moved to the suburbs and began to drive everywhere for a grand total of 50 lbs gained.  GASP. Calm down-at one point it was 60.  Side note: This was BEFORE I had my daughter. Fortunately, the 37 lbs that I gained ON TOP OF THAT while pregnant came off very quickly, as most of it was water weight.

So…what to do? what to do?  You name it, I was game.  In no particular order, these are the things I tried (often in various combinations) Shakeology, Ketogenics, Weight Watchers, ClassPass, Get in Shape for Women, Atkins, South Beach, 17 Day Diet, Terra’s Kitchen, Blue Print Cleanse, Revitalive Cleanse, 21 Day Fix, Ultimate Fix, Body Love, Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution, nutritional and mental health counseling, personal training, Tone It Up, The Virgin Diet, The 21 Day Sugar Detox, and many, many more.  The common denominator in all of these great initiatives has been that MY BODY CAN’T DO WHAT MY MIND WON’T LET IT.

And, so, with little fanfare, I decided to try and change the way I think about food with the help of hypnosis.  I was skeptical of hypnosis and had no idea of what it truly entailed until one my best friends from college took the plunge after having her second baby. What she described to me were very pleasant and relaxing sessions wherein you received positive affirmations on a sub-conscious level that manifest in physical reactions like decreased appetite and cravings for fresh, clean foods as opposed to processed junk (like the McDonald’s feasts that I was eating on the reg).

Its never taken me much convincing to jump at the idea of a new weight loss methodology.  To be honest, its become sort of a strange hobby. Needless to say, as soon as I returned from my visit with her, I did my research.  I found tons of reputable options near where I live (in the Greater Boston area) and reached out to a few providers that had impressive reviews. I had two initial consultations by phone with certified hypnotists.  I had good conversations with both but preferred one for no reason other than the tenor of his soothing voice. He sent me a LOT of intake forms but it was well worth the time to thoroughly complete them as they clearly identified certain behavioral trends that need to be refined in order to allow me to lose my weight.

After completing the forms, we spoke again and decided that I was a good candidate for a virtual gastric band (VGB).  I am no stranger to weight loss surgery, as my father had a successful one years ago, but my doctors have never felt that I was necessarily a candidate.  This was a different story because the gist of this process is that my hypnotist planned to help me visualize going through the surgery and, in effect, trick my mind into believing that there was a physical reason that I can no longer eat more than 3 small, clean meals per day.

My appointment was last Friday…  Curious?

More to come…

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